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yarn manufacturing process
yarn manufacturing process

Yarn manufacturing Process

Yarn manufacturing process in textile is the first steps of making textile product. After collecting raw material we start making yarn. There are some special steps to follow in yarn manufacturing. Different types of yarn follows different steps. But the manufacturing process of yarn remains almost same. There are different types of yarn. But there are some basic yarn types.

Types of Yarn in textile spinning

  1. Spun yarn
  2. Filament yarn
  3. Novelty yarn

The yarn classes varies according to the manufacturing process also. Although it varies according to the twisting direction. So we can classify yarn as follows

Classification of yarn according to number of parts

There are a lot of parts in a yarn. These parts are very important for yarn. Sometimes these parts becomes the name of yarn. These yarns are named on their characteristics. If it is very simple structure we call it simple yarn, if it has a single property, we may call it single yarn. Although there are a lot of characteristics but we may define only the followings as a classification of yarn according to parts.

  1. Simple yarn
  2. Single yarn
  3. Ply yarn
  4. Cabled yarn
  5. Double yarn

Classification of yarn according to the twist direction

Yarn classification on twist direction are as follows. If it is twisted according to the S direction it is called S twisted yarn. If it is twisted according to the Z direction it is then called Z twisted yarn. The twist direction depends on the fiber length and fineness and dimension. So classification of yarn according to the twist are two types

  • S twisted yarn
  • Z twisted yarn

Yarn classification is not only a subject of yarn manufacturing process. There are some steps of yarn manufacturing system. So the steps are very important here. The step we follow basically for yarn manufacturing process are as follows.

Steps of yarn manufacturing process

A basic manufacturing process of yarn is to follow first drawing process of bale. After that it needs to be drafted. Roving is and important part for yarn and then spinning. So we follow the following process step by step to make a yarn basically

Different yarn manufacturing process

There are different manufacturing process of yarn . As we know there are two types of manufacturing process of yarn like as

  1. Chemical yarn manufacturing process
    1. Wet spinning
    2. Dry spinning
    3. Melt spinning
  2. Mechanical yarn manufacturing process
    1. Conventional spinning
    2. Direct spinning

These is the all information about yarn manufacturing process in textile.