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Textile universities in India
Textile Educational in India

There is a lot of Textile Universities in India. India has a well record in textile business and management. Now a days, India is doing well in the sector of textile and clothing industry. New methods and sustainable developments are being established by them. Lot of textile institutions are developed there. People are educating themselves in the methods of textiles. There are different subjects of textiles. Wet process, garments manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, spinning or yarn manufacturing are the main subjects of textiles. Besides it, now a days technical textile has been added. Some universities have a syllabus on Textile chemistry and textile physics,  If you are interested to educate yourself with new methods and techniques of textile you have to find the best for you from the following list.

Find the best Textile Universities in India here

  1. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.
  2. SSM Technical Institute.
  3. Technological Institute of Textile and science.
  4. Uttar Prodesh Textile technology Institute.
  5. Berhampur University.
  6. Chhattisgarh University / Amity University.
  7. Dr. Br Ambedkar National institute of Technology.
  8. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology.
  9. Punjab Technical University.
  10. Institute of Textile Technology Orissa.
  11. DKTE Society’s Textile Engineering Institution.
  12. College of Engineering Technology, Bhubaneswar.
  13. University of Mumbai.
  14. West Bengal University of Technology.