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Textile Engineering in Poland
Textile Engineering in Poland

Poland is a place for textile engineering in Poland education. Best universities is University of Bielsko-biala. There are some other universities as well. They are providing different subjects. Some universities and colleges have started undergraduate program for the textile engineering. But basically people went to Poland for a post graduate degree.

There are some particular things you must follow. But don’t get discourage. There isn’t any hard process to do. This is as usual as we do in our country. In order to study in Poland you must be graduate and have to have a leaving certificate. The leaving certificate confirms that you are eligible to study in Poland. If you want to do undergraduate programs from Poland, you must apply with the terms and conditions. If it fails, you cant apply for the study. Similarly for the post graduation. You must see the terms and conditions. If it says okay, then apply. Poland is helping the student coming to Poland for study. The visa processing procedure may vary from country to country. But basically it remains the same process for all country. A filled-in visa application form is required. You need a valid passport, an official letter of acceptance to Poland, A CV or Resume, your school / college / University certificate and diploma certificate, your language proficiency certificate in which you are going to study, your fund confirmation for living and studying in Poland, your health certificate and a picture.

You also need a stay permit. You must ensure that you are legally staying in Republic of Poland.

The following two best universities in Poland are suitable for studying textile technology. For your better understanding please visit the link provided bellow and get your answers there. This will help you a lot.


Textile Engineering in Poland

  1. University of Bielsko-Biała
  2. Technical University of Łódź