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Textile Engineering in Czech Republic
Textile Universities In Czech Republic

If you are interested to study textile engineering in Czech Republic, you need to know something before applying. If you are to enter in Czech Republic, you must know something. It depends your nationality too. For the students of EU/EEA or Switzerland you need a passport or national ID to enter Czech Republic. To stay longer than 30 days the students have to inform it to the foreign police department.

Student for other countries have to apply a student visa from Embassy of Czech Republic. The procedure is maintained with some paperwork. It could take upto 60 days. So student need to apply as advance. There are two types of Visas. Short term visa and Long term Visa. Depending on period Visa is issued. For a visa application you need an application form. You also need a letter for studies. You have to have a valid passport and photos with passport. Then you need the proof of financial resources for the stay. You have to have the confirmation for accommodation. Then you need a valid health certificate. All after finish you have to wait almost 60 days or even more. After getting visa you are ready for the next step

Before applying in the colleges or Universities you have to know everything. You must select your subject. There are different subjects of textiles. Which is the best? This is upto you. Someone chose wet processing technology. Somebody chose fashion designing. But before chose, please ensure you can complete.

Following are the universities best for textile engineering in Czech Republic. This is for your better understanding

  1. Technical University of Liberace
  2. Brno University of Technology

So if you are interested to achieve a degree from Czech Republic, visit the above link and apply through the direction.