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Textile Universities Srilanka
Textile Universities Srilanka

We are very interested to show you the list of Textile Universities Srilanka. There are such good institutions over there. But among them which one is perfect? That is up to you. If you want to learn fashion designing, you have to choose one. if you think you are better with clothing, then you have to move another. So based on courses you have to admit yourself from one to another.

Srilanka is the country of fishing. But it has a business of textile too.  From the ancient it was built. Now a days the business is still going on.  Most men are live on fishing and agricultural activities. But the  people are all well educated. About 100% population in there is literate. So its not a common problem of Srilanka. The problem for their Textile education is not growing up with the demand of new generations. There are few finest universities there. They are offering different textile related courses. There are Srilanaka Institute of textile and apparel, Moratuwa University, Academi of Design, Raffles Design Institute, Lanka Institute of fashion and technology, Open university of srilanka etc are the famous for textile education. These universities are offering some courses of graduate and undergraduate programs. Some are offering fashion designing course. Some are offering clothing manufacturing. Some are offering garments manufacturing process etc. From my own perception, garments manufacturing course is better to do in Srilanka. Because they are specialist in garments manufacturing process. Some Lankan have come to other country for making some money with a garments technician position. So it is better learning garments techniques from Lanka.


Here is List of Textile Universities Srilanka