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China Textile Universities
Textile Education in China

China Textile universities are famous for their extra curriculum activities.  China is well ahead in the world of textile and clothing industry and technology. More and more technology are coming from them. China Textile Universities, machinery and textile chemical is a major part of textile production. China textile universities are taking a large part of producing textile machinery and chemicals. Some sustainable development of them has made them world class. Here is a list of China Textile universities. You will find the best for you. Different textile university has different curriculum of study. You can learn fabric manufacturing here. A list of well established fabric manufacturing courses are available in china. For fabric manufacturing technology Wuhan Textile University is the best. Others have different criteria of their education. Some universities are famous for fashion designing and textile arts.

Some universities have wonderful working facilities for the foreign students. By working and earning he can manage his educational expenses. This is always happening all around the world. Here are some list as follows

China Textile Universities

Now Come to the point. How you will be granted for the admission in Chinese university? If you want to educate yourself from a chinese university, you must to proceed some special procedure. Y

  • Visa Application

Chinese Scholarship should apply for a visa to study in China to the Chinese embassy or consulate-general with the first documents and photocopies of the Admission Letter, Visa Application for Study in China (JW201), Foreigner Physical Examination Form and valid normal passport. Those who can study in China for over half-dozen months should apply for “X1” visa, and those who can study in China for fewer than half-dozen months (including half-dozen months) will apply for “X2” visa. Students who come back to China with different varieties of passports, visas or without the original documents won’t be ready to register with establishments, nor will they be ready to apply for the residence allow in China. Visa application cost is at student’s own expense.

  • Transfer Service

For new scholarship students who have real difficulties of incoming within the cities of their universities and want a stopover in Peiping, CSC could offer them a Transfer Service. Transfer Service will be accessible from August twenty fifth to Gregorian calendar month fifteenth every year. Transfer Service includes a pickup service at Beijing airfield, train tickets’ reservation, necessary accommodation and medical service. Train ticket fees from Peiping to designation town are going to be at students’ own value.

  • Registration, Health Verification and Residence Permit

students must register with host universities before the point of the registration as per Admission Letter with the initial Admission Letter, Visa Application for Study in China (JW201) and Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Those who square measure unable to register on time should get permission from the host establishment directly. Those who fail to register while not the previous consent of the establishment are thought-about as voluntarily abandoning the scholarship and also the scholarship are mechanically terminated.

Scholarship students who square measure to keep in China for over half dozen months square measure requested to submit the initial documents of their passport, Admission Letter, Foreigner Physical Examination Form and Blood take a look at report back to the native health quarantine workplace to possess their physical verified exam report. Scholarship students who do not meet the wants of the higher than authority are needed to re-take the physical examination. Those who refuse to re-take the physical examination or square measure diagnosed with diseases that square measure ill-sorted to check in China consistent with Chinese Legal Studies and rules are needed to depart China.

Residence Permit: Scholarship students must apply for residence allow to the native police authority among thirty days upon their arrival. Necessary documents are as follows: passport, Admission Letter, Visa Form for Studying in China, Examined health report, and photograph that meets the image requirements of the authority. Staying without registration is thought-about extrajudicial and can cause fines and penalties.

  • Application for Change

Scholarship student doesnt have permission to change their subject of studies