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Fabric Manufacturing process

Fabric manufacturing, process
Fabric manufacturing process

Fabric manufacturing process in textile engineering is the second steps of textile processing. After collecting raw materials this process starts. The raw materials for fabric manufacturing process is yarn. Yarn and finishing chemicals are the raw materials for fabric manufacturing process in textile engineering. It is the step by step process. Here in every process have to be careful. There are different types of fabric in textile manufacturing. Woven, knit, sweater knit, denim etc are the different fabric type. Every fabric type has its own manufacturing method. And here one method is completely different from others. The raw materials used in fabric manufacturing process in textile engineering are also different. So there is no chance to discuss the whole process in same department.

Fabric manufacturing process on different fabric type

  1. Woven
  2. Knit
  3. Sweater knit

1. Woven fabric manufacturing process

Woven manufacturing process in textile engineering are different from knit. Like that knit fabric is different from sweater knit. Thereafter it is closely similer to knit but not the same. Different fabric has its different design. So textile designers have to design first and then set up the repeating unit. After that the process starts. There are basically four steps in woven fabric procedure. Shedding, Picking, Beating and let of are the four steps.

2. Knit fabric manufacturing process

Knit fabric manufacturing process in textile engineering is different from woven. It’s yarn type is also different. In knitting Cam set up is an important subject. Designer sets up Cam as the fabric design. Then the process starts. Different cams sets different design. Polo, Pique, single jersey, Double jersey, etc is some came design.

3. Sweater Knit fabric manufacturing process

has another manufacturing process. Sweater is another knitting process. It has some extra steps. For sweater knit, we use wool or cotton. Basically we use wool. It is very comfortable for wearing. Manufacturing reason of sweater is only its warming power. People use sweater for warming themselves. So it is very important .